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About the Author

Dr. Moran Sciamama-Saghiv is a father of four, and a professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology. He graduated with his B.Ed. in Physical Education and M.S. degree in Exercise Science from The Academic College at Wingate, Netanya, Israel. His Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology was awarded from The University of Porto, Porto, Portugal. 


In the Author's Own Words

Pumpy & Pumpina is the realization of a 20-year old dream to write a children’s book about the heart, exercise, nutrition, health and wellness, and more. I simply never got to it until now. Pumpy & Pumpina is the first in what is planned to be a series of books meant to take children and adults on a journey of learning and education. It was important to me to incorporate some personal aspects of my own life, as well as many important values. As a scientist myself, the scientific aspects of the book were also very important. This book is a contribution from one parent to all parents…


I would like to dedicate this book to my children Aviv, Michael, Noam, and Romi.

To Amira (R.I.P.) and Michael, my parents, thank you for your endless love, for being a constant resource of knowledge, proper values, patience, support, and understanding.

I am immensely thankful and blessed to have Jayme as my wife; Gorgeous, one day when I grow up, I hope to be as amazing as you are. Thank you so much for everything you did and still do to make this book a reality and a success.

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