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Pumpy & Pumpina by Dr. Moran Sciamama-Saghiv

Pumpy & Pumpina is a children's book by Moran Sciamama-Saghiv for 2-5 year olds that teaches them about the heart. Follow the main characters, James, Pumpy, Mary, and Pumpina, as they go about their day to day life and see how their hearts are important and affect them during different activities.

Educational Content

Pumpy & Pumpina teaches children about several scientific aspects of life:

  • We all have a heart

  • Animals have a heart too

  • The heart’s purpose and function

  • The influence of mood on the heart’s health and function

  • The influence of physical activity on the heart

  • How thoughts influence the heart

  • Food and its influence on the heart and body

  • Physical growth

  • The influence of sleep on the heart

  • The heart never stops working


Pumpy & Pumpina promotes several values, such as:







Appreciation for Animals

Wellness and Exercise




Meet the Main Characters





Meet Riley & Mia

Mary's dog Riley, who's a Vizsla, and James' dog Mia, who's a Weimaraner, are based on the author's dogs. Below is a photo of Riley and Mia in real life.

Riley Alone 2.png



News Stories about Pumpy & Pumpina

Odessa American

July 14, 2023

"UTPB Professor Achieves Dream of Penning a Children's Book" by Ruth Campbell

May 22, 2023

Permian Proud

"UTPB Professor's New Children's Book Teaches Children About the Heart." by Staff 

Reviews - See what others are saying!

Praise GodWord

(Online Book Club Review) 

"Have you ever wondered if your heart speaks and yearns that you listen? I have come across one of the most educating children's books in history. "

"I will recommend it to children who are curious to know what happens in their organs, especially their hearts. Due to the book's perfection, I will rate it 5 out of 5 stars."

Rica Concepcion 

(Online Book Club Post) 

"Parents should get this book; it is a good investment and educational for the kids. Kudos to the author for bringing in this content for kids."

Orin J.

(Book Review on Amazon) 

"What a wonderful book for both children and adults! Reminds us of what is important in both heart health and life lessons. It’s a book that can be reread many times to our toddlers. Something they will enjoy and remember."


(Online Book Club Review) 

"The book provides children with an introduction to the important roles their hearts plays into their daily lives. My son found "Pumpy & Pumpina" very enjoyable, and often finds himself relating to the characters in the story. The story, illustrations, and personalities layed-out the framework for sharing relatable experiences, allowing us to continually reference the valuable health lessons delivered by the author through the many characters, most notably Pumpy and Pumpina."

Sweet Gigi 72

(Review on Amazon) 

"Written in such a way that children will understand how the human heart works, this book is an excellent resource. Pumpy and Pumpina have human characteristics that children can relate to, which I love. Having a healthy heart is important for children, and not taking care of it can lead to health problems. Pumpy and Pumpina teach children the importance of a healthy heart. For children, they provide an engaging way to learn about the heart. It is an effective tool for parents and educators to teach children about the body in an engaging way. I bought this book for my first grandchild and plan to purchase more copies as gifts."

Kebun Bunga

(Online Book Club Post) 

"The feedback on the review for "Pumpy & Pumpina" by Moran Sciamama-Saghiv acknowledges the author's skill in creating an educational children's book that focuses on the importance of the human heart. The personification of the hearts, Pumpy and Pumpina, adds an engaging and relatable element to the story, allowing children to learn valuable health lessons while enjoying the narrative. The review highlights the positive aspects of the book, including its helpful health values and well-executed editing and illustrations. The reviewer expresses a personal connection to the book's message and plans to share it with their own children. The overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars indicates the reviewer's strong endorsement and satisfaction with the book.."

Seetha E.

(Online Book Club Post) 

"The book appears to gently explain the importance of the heart by treating it as another being in itself. This is such a nice way to present healthy living at a tender age. Nice book and pleasing review.."

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