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Visionary Entrepreneurship LLC;
It's Brands & Services

Visionary Entrepreneurship LLC is a family and veteran owned company. We're proud to present the diverse projects and services listed below. We invite you to enjoy our services as a customer or reach out to us to offer a business/social collaboration. Our projects are meant to make a difference via our products and services at fair prices with excellent customer service. Click on the logo to visit the website for that project.

Love animals? We do, too. Petagonia Apparel is a family and veteran owned business that was born as a result of our love for pets and animals, playing with words, and Jayme's love for graphic design. Shop now to find your next favorite shirt!

Symbolic. Sophisticated. Simplistic. Symbolistic Apparel is a family and veteran owned clothing brand dedicated to clothing with entertaining, challenging, provocative, and intriguing messages. All designs are originals and use symbols to convey their message, idea, or phrase. Enjoy hundreds of designs with new designs added constantly. 

Look and feel your best with Optimum Kinetics Apparel, a family and veteran owned sport-elegant clothing brand. Optimum Kinetics Apparel offers hundreds of clothing and accessories items that you can shop from and buy.


Not like everyone else? You've come to the right place. Mad Grasshopper Apparel is a family and veteran owned clothing brand dedicated to making you look your best in clothing with challenging, provocative, and intriguing designs. These one of a kind shirts are as unique as you.

Pumpy & Pumpina is a children's book by Moran Sciamama-Saghiv for 2-5 year olds that teaches them about the heart. Follow the main characters, James, Pumpy, Mary, and Pumpina, as they go about their day to day life and see how their hearts are important and affect them during different activities.


Looking for a book to make you ha'BEE? Look no further. BEE'loved by many, the honey bee is super sweet. In this educational book for children aged 6-8 you'll have fun learning all about the lives of honey bees. You'll discover how long they live, what they eat, the many different roles that bees play during their lives, and more!

Need a logo and branding that's off the charts and will set your company apart? You've come to the right place. Jayme Kendall is a graphic designer who creates professional unique graphics for logos, print, and web. 

Visionary Academics is dedicated to providing excellent services to individuals, companies, and academic institutions, related to the academic world and its diverse aspects. We offer a variety of services from curricula advisement, program accreditation mentoring, talent acquisition, workshops and lectures, to personal mentoring. 

Under Construction - Kangaroozy is a visionary website that allows parents to influence the daycare result list generated by indicating what is most important to them. Daycares and parents enjoy the most advanced daycare search engine with Kangaroozie.

Under Construction - Booyajobs is job hunting portal with low costs to employers and no cost to job seekers. For $50 per year, employers can advertise unlimited job postings and receive unlimited resumes.

Under Construction - The World Championship in Sports Medicine (WCiSM) is an annual online international competition dedicated to celebrating knowledge in the field of Sports Medicine. Individuals, teams, as well as academic institutions compete in three separate categories to become the next World Champion in Sports Medicine.

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Buckaroo Apparel is a family and veteran owned clothing and accessories brand. Get both comfort and style with these apparel items. Buckaroo Apparel offers hundreds of quality clothing and accessories items that you can shop from.


Under Construction - Gift Cards Wizard is a visionary website that allows businesses to sell their gift cards, no matter what their services are. This website allows even the smallest businesses to be seen and heard.

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